Who are We?

In 2014, a small group of friends experienced a passion for walking, while discovering the spiritual dimension of pilgrimage. 

With a profound affection for Our Lady, who is the hope in this world of obscurity and violence, we began to look into a way to honor her to and to invite others to join us on the adventure!

In the simplicity of our hearts, we set out, as Pope Francis writes, "Pilgrimage is a symbol of life. It makes us imagine that life is about walking, it is a walk. Should a person not walk, and stand still, he is not of service, she does nothing. Consider water, when water isn’t in a river, it doesn’t go ahead, but stands still; it goes bad. A soul that doesn’t walk through life by doing good, by doing many things that one must do for society, to help others, and also who doesn’t walk through life seeking God and for the Holy Spirit to move from within, is a soul that ends up in mediocrity and spiritual poverty. Please: do not stand still in life!"